Speltech Ltd

Speltech was quickly established as a leading supplier of high-quality hand fabricated rubber seals. In later years we added moulding and extruding to our product portfolio, enabling us to offer a wide range of sealing solutions to an ever-growing customer base.

Understanding materials and their performance criteria has been key to Speltech’s success, with Speltex-40 becoming a benchmark for high quality in the toughest of industries and applications.

Speltech are suppliers to many original equipment manufacturers in industries as diverse as road sweeping, shooting ranges, suction excavation, scrubber dryers, transmission belts, finishing equipment, minerals processing as well as supporting other rubber companies with specialist seals and materials.

In recent years we have developed materials and products which offer the physical properties of natural rubber but with UV and ozone resistance built in, to offer a longer and more cost-effective working life.
We will continue to explore ways to improve our products and performance, to give our customers the best possible service and value.