High Quality

Speltex Target Backing Curtains are made from high quality soft natural rubber which exhibits outstanding resistance to cutting and tearing, allowing the remarkable “self healing” properties when penetrated by a bullet.

Leaving a witness mark, the hole created by the bullet is “healed” with the pin hole noticeable only if the curtain were stretched.

Greatly Reduces Risks

In this way the Speltex curtain contains the back spatter and greatly reduces the risk of bullet ricochet. The Speltex curtain also contains the airborne lead dust, allowing it to be extracted from behind the curtain and greatly reduces the noise of strikes against the armour plated rear wall.

  • Thicknesses & Colours

    Curtains can be supplied in a range of thicknesses, lengths and in red, white for projected targets and black.

    Curtains can be fixed by clamping between wooden battens. It is important to always allow the curtains to hang freely; never fix them to the floor.

  • Common Ammunition

    .22 Calibre
    .303 Calibre
    .38 Wad Cutter
    .357 Calibre Magnum
    .44 Calibre Magnum
    .45 Automatic
    6.5 mm
    9 mm

  • Patch Repair System

    A patch repair system can be provided to extend the life of the Speltex Target Backing Curtain.

    For use with Wad Cutting ammunition a sheet of 1.5 mm thick rubber can be hung between the target and the main Target Backing Curtain. The tip of the wad cutter is filled with the thin rubber from the first curtain allowing the main curtain to perform normally, greatly extending the main curtain life with this ammunition.

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Safety Information

  • Speltex Target backing Curtains are not to be used with air rifles or low-powered ammunition, use only ammunition approved by your shooting range. 
  • Speltex Target Backing Curtains must never be secured at the bottom; they must always hang freely secured only at the top. 
  • Speltex Target Backing Curtains should be hung continuously behind all targets with an overlap of 150 mm (6”). 
  • Speltex Target Backing Curtains considerably reduce, but cannot eliminate the possibility of being hit by flying shrapnel. Always exercise caution and care when at a shooting range. 
  • Speltex Target Backing Curtains are not flame or smoke retardant. Do not expose to naked flame. Ensure all safety regulations for your shooting range are strictly adhered to. 


Speltech Ltd will be pleased to assist in the design of best use of Target Backing Curtains within your shooting range.

Speltex Target Backing Curtains should be hung continuously behind all targets with an overlap of 150 mm (6”).