Sealing Systems

Speltech make the seals that ensure the vacuum in a Suction Excavator is always at its optimum. The hopper seal must take account of manufacturing tolerances and recover to seal, time and time again.

Where the suction hose meets the body, the seal is not just compressed but dealing with loose debris and abrasion. All parts of a suction excavator are confidently sealed by Speltech.

Speltech at the Leading Edge

Suction excavators are excellently suited for use in the field of underground supply cables. They are a more gentle excavation method for repair or cleaning work. Instead of arduous physical work with shovel and air hammer or the risky use of a mechanical excavator, the available soil is simply sucked away with the suction excavator.
The use of suction excavators is said to be 16 times more effective than conventional excavation methods and replaces the time and cost-intensive work done by hand in different sectors.
Suction excavators offer a high level of industrial safety, require little space and suck through small openings. They always leave behind a clean construction site and ensure that fewer machines and deployment of personnel are necessary. Instead of 3 workers, an excavator and a truck you only need one suction excavator and an operator.

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