High Performance Rubber

Whether you are creating rough surfaces from smooth, or smooth surfaces from rough, the environment within a shot blast cabinet is by its very nature harsh.

The effects on the cabinet, not to mention the operator, could be devastating.

Speltech manufacture the parts at the interface between inside the cabinet and outside i.e. the sleeves and armhole gaskets which operators push their arms through to access the blast nozzle and the components being worked on.

Protecting the Operator

Speltex-40 is the material used at this interface, protecting the operator from over blasting and keeping the blast medium and dust in the cabinet where it should be. It is also used to protect the inside of the cabinet from being blasted away. By suspending sheet Speltex-40 from the inside top of the cabinet the rubber absorbs the impact and protects the metal from being worn away.

So in shot blasting and finishing, specify Speltex-40.

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