High Performance Rubber

Utilising the Speltex range of high performance rubbers, Speltech manufacture a range of outstanding abrasion resistant products for the minerals processing industry, from flexible joints and hoses to cement socks and nozzles.

High Quality

Our multi layered diaphragms are laminated for very specific performance characteristics, which must repeat time after time.

The Speltech range of Discharge Regulators (Underflow Regulators) for sand separators are setting new standards in performance and life, designed to fit the most common spigot sizes from 127 mm (5”) up to 292 mm (11.5”). Manufactured from Speltex-40 high performance natural rubber with stainless steel straps, the quality can be seen and felt.

Emergency Repairs

On leaking hoses or steel elbows, use a 1.5 mm or 3 mm thick Speltex-40 bandage, wrap around the leak as many times as necessary to the desired thickness and keep working until a permanent solution is found.

Speltex-40 bandages are 50 mm wide x 10 metres long.

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